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What Kind Of False Eyelashes Are There?

- Jun 29, 2018 -

Normally artificial eyelashes are made of human hair, artificial fibers, fibers are also divided into soft stems and hard stems, and now are popular soft stems, transparent stems and black stems.

There are black, brown, and sequined sequined crystals for the dinner. There are special lashes for photography, feather lashes, etc.

In general, if you bring your own, transparent stems are very natural and natural, and you can wear nude makeup. If you have heavy makeup, you can use black stems.

In photography, man-made fibers are effective. Artificial fibers are blacker than real human hair. Therefore, the effect is more prominent. If it is life, only heavy makeup can be used, otherwise it is not natural.

What's worse is the cheap hard stem lashes in the store's stalls. It's unnatural, reflective and hard to wear.