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Qingdao 3D mink false eyelashes manufacturer direct sales wholesale

- Sep 02, 2018 -

Pure hand-woven cross supernatural models, the star model is also the basic style of Taiwan's princess Limingxing. The makeup and appearance are numerous, and one of the best sales styles in the store can be handled on almost every day or at various occasions. The elongated design of the tail has the effect of opening the eyes, and the short-eyed mm is available. The other is the wider sides of the cheeks or cheekbones, and the extension of the tail of the eye can have a modified effect.
Everyone's eye shape is different, and this is known to relatives who often wear makeup. If some parents can not stick, can cut eyelashes into a section, will be better sticky. Pure hand-made eyelashes can also be trimmed according to their own needs, or they can be superimposed to change the dense density. Remember to draw eyeliner or use the eye shadow to faint and stick the false eyelashes. Remember to brush the mascara again. Single eyelid MM can be used. Double eyelid glue or eyelid paste. In this way, the eyes become larger(Tip: Want to open the eye corner effect MM with the end of the eye elongated eyelashes; Small eyes MM to become large eyes with the middle part of the long and dense eye hair + eyeliner modification), eyelashes are the finishing touch of eye makeup; Want to be an electric eye beauty's mm corresponding makeup is also indispensable. This will better highlight the magical effect of eyelashes on perfect makeup.
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