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Qingdao eyelashes use method

- Aug 20, 2018 -

Obviously false eyelash is the biggest hero of perfect eye makeup, then how can ability paste good false eyelash? Tsingtao eyelash factory brings you a false eyelash method skill steps, can help you create a perfect eye makeup, more natural dynamic!
Step 1: First remove a group of false eyelashes with an eyelash assisted clamp and place them on the edge for backup.
Step 2: Then gently remove the residual glue from the root of the false eyelash so as not to affect the firmness of the false eyelash.
Step 3: Next, use eyelashes to help clip the false eyelashes clamped up in the eye for length comparison.
Step 4: After the comparison, use scissors to subtract the excess parts so that false eyelashes are equal to the length of the eye.