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Mascara Horizontal Brush And Vertical Brush Double Smear

- Sep 14, 2017 -

① first brush the eyelashes, starting from the horizontal brush.

Cross the head of the eyelash brush, insert the eyelashes from the bottom of the eyelash, and rub it horizontally from the root to the tip of the 1.1 with the Z-shape.

② and then brush down the eyelashes, the brush head vertical use.

After brushing the eyelashes on the left and right eyes, begin to apply the lashes. The eyelash brush vertical with the next eyelash a little bit around the vibration of the brush, eyes look up.

③ repeated smear on eyelashes, vertical brush to make eyelashes longer

Back to the eyelashes, this time to vertical use of eyelash brush. Pull the tip of the eyelashes out of the way and use the mascara to increase the fiber.

④ back to the next eyelash, horizontal brush line sense

Apply the lashes again, and gently smear the brush head across the bottom lashes. Because the lower lashes are short, so the small eyelashes should be elongated before the shape of the line.