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How To Apply Fake Lashes Will Look Better

- Jun 29, 2018 -

Slim eyelashes can make eyes bigger and more godlike, and you want to have large eyes. Of course, you can't ignore the eyelashes! The secret to creating an oversized eye is to stick sub-strings and bundles of lower eyelashes. Natural eyes are more godlike!


Let the eyes become completely bright, apply halo eye shadows to the entire upper & lower eye sockets, and let the eye area sparkle.


Use a black eyeliner to fill in the gap between the upper eyelashes and complete the inner eyelid. Because it is a relatively delicate and sensitive area, gently paint it.


Use eyelash curlers to hold the lashes and brush the mascara from the root with a comb brush head. Avoid clumping in order to brush out the lashes.

Brush eyelashes brush into fly legs too! Beauty teacher teaches you to recruit


Lock the end of the eye, or apply natural false eyelashes at a position not exceeding 1mm. Make eyelashes increase & thicken.


The main eyelashes are placed on the side of the lower eyelid, and they are affixed side by side in six ways.


With the real lower eyelashes as the center, brush the mascara repeatedly with a comb-like brush head, so that the true and false eyelashes are completely sealed, and the brush can be quickly moved straight.