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How False Eyelashes Remove Makeup Without Hurting The Eyes

- Jun 01, 2018 -

1, the tool is ready to start remover slightly  ~ use a cotton swab to remove makeup oil, rub in the root of false eyelashes, the way must be gentle, oh ~ not too hard.

2, in fact, stay for a while will automatically fall off the eyelashes, parents do not want to pull down the moment to save the time ~ as long as the pull will have a pain ~ ~ a long time the eyelids will certainly relax it.

3, look at the false eyelashes have fallen by themselves, slightly better than to pull himself down, before the small ink is also directly pulled, often tearing their own real eyelashes together.

4, see the almost out of it ~ In fact, very quickly, be sure to have patience, remove false eyelashes is not troublesome. Take a look at the lashes that have been removed~ This removes the glue from the roots of the lashes.

5, then take a clean cotton pad, with makeup remover poured down on the cotton pad deposited in the eyes ~ remember that the eyes should be closed up oh ~ 5 seconds after putting on a cotton pad to take a soft gesture to bring about.