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How to use false eyelashes properly

- Apr 01, 2018 -

When using eyebrow brush to smear eyebrows, you can choose reverse, that is, smearing eyebrows to the reverse direction of brows, which is more conducive to the nutrition absorption of skin.

2. before applying eyelashes, it is best to take a layer of eye care, such as eye cream or eye condensation, to form an effective protective film between the oily AD and the skin, which does not affect the absorption of nutrition, but also prevents direct damage to the skin of the oil.

3., we must apply only the eyelashes, and the lower eyelashes do not need to be applied intentionally. In the blink of an eye, the lower eyelid has already been moistened. And when applying eyelashes, we should only apply to the root of eyelashes on the upper eyelids. When we wear makeup on weekdays, the way to brush eyelashes is not applicable here.

4. on the explanation of the use of proper cod liver oil, in addition to the daily eyebrow two of the maintenance of the maintenance should not exceed 6, there is a judgment standard is, in the use of cotton stick dipped in COD oil smear eyelashes, dipped in wet cotton stick, only a slight dip, do not have that kind of liquid "hit" feeling, that way, I am afraid the amount is too much

5. do not use before makeup, greasy eyelashes and eye skin will only make your eye makeup in a short period of time, and do not use a long time before using eyes, because this method is very easy to make your eyes blurred, if after smearing a large number of eye work, not only can affect the effect of your work, and the eye feels too tired, and it is easy to cause negative vision. Surface influence