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How can lashes become dense

- Apr 01, 2018 -

Materials: VE and olive oil

I bought a box of VE first. The price store is 2 yuan to buy VE capsules, but the oil in the vitamin E capsule is not a good thing, many people think that those oil and oil are vitamin E, in fact, VE is a fat soluble vitamin, and those oils are only some mineral oil or vegetable oil, which can not be directly applied to the skin. And, in fact, vitamin E capsule vitamin E content is not high, most of it is oil, it is to wipe the eyelashes vitamin E, it is better to say that it is rubbing mineral oil! It is necessary to know that if the grease is applied directly to the skin, it will cause hair follicle blockage, skin overnutrition and other skin problems, the most typical fatty particles, and folliculitis, acne, acne. As a result, eyelashes did not grow and became denser. But you can buy special skin care and refined vitamin E to use.

Olive oil: don't eat it.

Tools, such as eyelash comb, lip scan or eye shadow pen. The eyelash brush is not very good, because it is not easy to get the VE. Lip scan is best not to use the telescopic type. Too soft will poke into the eyes.

I use eye shadow pen for the time being. I can put VE on the drip with toothpicks and brush it up.

Be sure to use brushes, or your hands will be full of eyes, and you will scare people to death.