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How to wear false eyelashes correctly

- Mar 23, 2018 -

Nowadays, there are a lot of false eyelashes in the market. Have you tried to buy it back? How can I stick false eyelashes? The correct wear of false eyelashes will make the eyes beautiful and moving. Such a beauty artifact, how can you not learn how to wear it?

How to wear false eyelashes correctly

Tools / raw materials

Eyelash curler

Fake eyelashes


Tweezers, false eyelashes


Use eyelash curler to curl eyelashes so as not to wear false eyelashes. The eyelashes and false eyelashes are divided into two layers.

Apply mascara carefully from the root of the lashes using a curling mascara without having to apply a thick, deep layer to keep your lashes curled.

Use tweezers to clamp the false eyelashes on top of your eyelashes. Remember to set about 3mm of the eye's head and cut off the long side of the eye.

Use a small pair of scissors to cut out the long part of the false eyelashes. Be careful to cut the end of the eyelid and trim the eye.

Hold both ends of the eyelashes, bend the arc of the fan shape, and the curvature matches the curvature of the eye.

Apply a layer of glue along the stalks of the false eyelashes. Apply more to the ends, because the eyes and eyes are very easy to curl.

Finally, use tweezers to stick false eyelashes at the base of the eyelashes and gently adjust the position of the eyelashes by hand.