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False eyelash installation steps

- Mar 21, 2018 -

Wearing false eyelashes difference before and after the effect is large, the original glassy eyes suddenly become full of power. I used to think as long as the painted eye shadow eye makeup, wearing eyeliner, and then clip Alice mascara brush has been quite complete. But recently, the beautiful eyes of every beautiful girl in the street are extraordinarily large. When they look at it carefully, they can see that they are wearing false eyelashes with magical effects. However, no matter what kind of false eyelashes, there are the basic way of wearing. Now, let's learn carefully. The false eyelash is no longer a problem.

A false eyelash is no longer a problem

Step1. carding eyelashes

The first with a small brush comb eyelashes, eyelashes can be neatly combed, makeup powder residue can also be swept off, let the back steps more convenient.

Gently squeeze the eyelashes from the roots, so that the false eyelashes that are worn later are closer to the true lashes of their own.

A false eyelash is no longer a problem

Step3. Eyeliner fills the gap

Because the false eyelashes can not be perfectly fitted to the radians of the eyes, the eyeliner must be corrected by the eyeliner. The beginner can use eye line ointment or eye line pen, and the high hand can draw out meticulous lines with eyeliner fluid.

The peduncle of a naturally soft false eyelash along the curve of a false eyelash. The radian of smooth, soft stems more better, so when sticking to false eyelashes, before and after the end of docile, is not easy to curl up.

From the long eye to the end of the eyelash to do the trimming, because the short eyelashes that can be retained in the eye, so that the false eyelash will be natural.

Pick high quality fake eyelash glue and brush a thin layer on the root of the false eyelash.

When the false eyelash glue becomes translucent, it is the most sticky time. This time is the best time to wear false eyelashes.

Step8. starts from the false eyelash Center

Put the false eyelashes at the center of the false eyelashes and paste the false eyelashes back and forth.

Press Step9. back and forth to press

Use the local eyelash clip again to press the front and back of the false eyelashes to make the false eyelashes close to the eyelid.

Finally, the black eyeliner eye head up, let the eye more complete, false eyelashes will appear more like nature itself.