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How To Remove False Eyelashes

- Jun 01, 2018 -

Product maintenance:
1. When removed from the box, to follow the direction of eyelash, gently with fingers, from peeling the eyelids, to hold the false eyelash thing down quickly, avoid by all means took two or three hair pulled down.
2. Used to remove false eyelash glue, neatly packed into box, be careful not to put the eye shadow powder, oil, etc., stick to the false eyelashes, otherwise it will get dirty and destroy the false eyelash.
3. In a clean, false eyelash with special discharge makeup makeup water to clean the false eyelash, use make up cotton pressure rub false eyelashes, first beginning from the root, then the front part, action must be light, otherwise cannot be recycled.
How to remove false eyelashes:
Remove false eyelashes when gently, do not tear hard! When tearing close to the root of false eyelashes as far as possible, before tearing the real false eyelashes with the hand first distinguish. Make sure what you are holding is false eyelash, not true eyelash tear again, when tear from eye end to eye head tear better tear. If want to make false eyelash life longer, do not use eye ministry discharge fluid to apply to tear again! Of course, false eyelashes are certainly not applied a time to end. If you don't mind that life is short, hopefully with unloading liquid first apply the tear again, also can, every time off. The false eyelash root dry glue, if not, try to clean up the eyelashes glue will be more and more thick lashes themselves very thin very soft stems will also because of the accumulation of glue and thick eyelashes so life is short!