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How to draw eyelashes

- Mar 27, 2018 -

First eyelash curler eyelash root, clamping eyelashes, and slightly upturned, stay for 2 minutes, then the eyelash curler eyelash tip to move, every 5 mm, clamping eyelashes, stay 2 minutes, until the eyelash tip; painted eyelashes, eyelash brush with the eye will be parallel, from the beginning of eyelid inside, a painted eyelashes; painted under the eyelashes, eyelash brush parallel with the nose, with brush tip a painted under the eyelashes. The outer corner of the eye is a little more, so that it can make the eyes look bigger. The eyelashes must be separated by one root and can not be glued together. The lashes that stick together are hard to see. If they are stuck together, you can brush them out with the eyelash brush.