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- May 20, 2018 -

Why is grafted eyelash generally considered to be a beauty? In fact, the answer is obvious. Because the grafted eyelashes not only seem to add to the beauty of the whole face, but, compared to the mascara, the grafted eyelashes can save more time and energy, and there will be no clot and mascara residue.
If you are also a grafted lash lover, you may think of a lot of grafted pictures. We can't deny that the eyelashes after grafting is more slender, more beautiful, but many people will ignore a problem, that is, unhealthy.

Dr. Keshini Parbhu of the center for the Orlando Institute of Ophthalmology reveals a special kind of glue used to grafted eyelashes, which attract mite when sticking eyelashes, especially those that do not do clean work.
A woman named Ashley described the whole process of grafting her eyelashes. On channel ninth, she told the audience that after a few visits to the eye lash studio, she was interested in grafted lashes, so she carried out the eyelash grafting, who knew that after her grafting, her eyes began to swollen, which was the beginning of the infection.
So she went to the hospital to ask the doctor to see what was wrong with her eyes. When Dr. Parbhu gave her an ultrasound diagnosis, he found that his eyelashes were covered with mites.
Dr Parbhu said: "this mites are tiny mites that live in the hair. They drill at the bottom of the eyelash and then feed on this graft. When the mites accumulate to a certain number, they can cause eye infections and inflammation.
The key to the eye danger is that some grafting eyelash studios do not use the grafting cleaning tools correctly so that the eye infection can not be caused by a thorough understanding of the cosmetics that remain in the eye.
If you are really a grafted lash lover, the doctor recommends that you try to use a medical cleanser containing tea tree oil so as to be healthy while the face is beautiful.