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Teach you how to choose false eyelashes

- Sep 14, 2017 -

Choose false eyelashes In addition to look at the style, but also look at the false lashes of the stem. The peduncle of false eyelashes is generally divided into three kinds of fish stalk, cotton stalk and plastic stalk.

(1) cotton stems because very soft, will not tie the eyelids, also not too easy to tilt up, but the disadvantage is that the stem is torn off easily bending deformation, the repetition rate is low;

(2) The fish thread is better in the makeup effect, transparent stealth, easy to cut open a bundle of sticks, torn off can also maintain the original radian, and the disadvantage is relatively easy to fall off and tilt up.

(3) Plastic terrier is relatively hard, comfort is no fish line terrier and cotton terrier good, but for single eyelids and double eyelid mm is still a good choice, because the hard point of the stem can be propped up, the shape effect is better.