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Several key steps to stick false eyelashes

- Jun 29, 2018 -

1, eyelashes need to be soft

At the beginning of false eyelashes, soften the eyelash stems. At the beginning, use a finger to spread the hairs of the eyelashes like a peacock evenly, and repeat the action until it becomes soft.

2, the eyes out of 2mm distance

Keep a distance of 2 cm in the eye area to avoid tingling in the process.

3, shearing matters

When you begin to cut the eyelashes, remember that “false eyelashes turn around, and the eyelashes are rooted towards yourself” to avoid hurting yourself when you build it.

4. Eyelashes must be glued on both sides

Both sides of the false eyelashes are glued to avoid falling off.

5, began to false eyelashes

The preparations for the previous preparations are over. Then start sticking false eyelashes, lifting the eyelids by hand, aligning the ends of the eyes, and then slowly sticking them to the eyelids to make the stems close to the roots of the eyelashes.

Note: When sticking the eyelashes, the mirror should be placed in the lower line of sight and look down to see if it can reduce the error of the eyes and see more clearly.

6, silicone is not dry, push the finger inside the stem

Push the front, middle, and back of the eyelashes with your index finger and push them slowly so that you can slowly tilt them.

7, eyelash curler clips with real false eyelashes

Use an eyelash curler to pinch the false eyelashes together to prevent false eyelashes from coming off.

8, eyeline hydraulic axis, "false" can not

Apply false eyelashes, and then use "ultrafine" eyeliner to describe, to ensure that false eyelashes do not reveal the filling.