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Mascara Use

- Sep 14, 2017 -

The eyelash clip is placed at the root of the eyelash, the eyelash is clamped, and slightly upturned, stay for 2 minutes, then the eyelash clip moves to the tip of the eyelash, every 5 mm, clamped eyelashes, stay for 2 minutes, until the tip of the eyelash; When you apply your eyelashes, brush your eyelashes parallel to your eyes, start from the inside of the upper eyelid, and apply an eyelash to your eyes. The eyelash brush is parallel to the nose, and the eyelashes are coated with a brush tip. The outer corners of the eye are painted more, this can make the eyes appear bigger. Eyelashes must be separated by one root, can not stick together. Sticky eyelashes are hard to see, and if glued together, they can be brushed off with an eyelash brush.