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Introduce the practical knowledge of false eyelashes

- Oct 21, 2017 -

Wearing false eyelashes

Danger one: long-term wear false eyelashes, may lead to their own true eyelashes off. Some MM eyelashes originally belong to the type of easy to fall off, if the long-term contact with the false eyelash glue or more likely to lead to off the phenomenon, coupled with the wrong way to wear false eyelashes is also likely to lead to this phenomenon.

Hazard two: wear too thick exaggerated false eyelashes will lead to their own eyelash protection greatly reduced. There are beauty experts pointed out that long-term wear false eyelashes people generally appear squinting phenomenon, the cause is false eyelashes too much delay the reaction time and cause eye discomfort.

Hazard three: repeated use of false eyelashes will cause eye inflammation problems. In the human body eyelashes there are many sweat glands and subcutaneous tissue, wear a long time to wear false eyelashes, then easy to cause clogging pores, affect the perspiration function, increase the risk of hair follicle infection.

Choose their own false eyelashes in learning how to paste false eyelashes before, should first choose a fake eyelashes for their own. If it is a general occasion to wear, then, to choose a natural false eyelashes, in general, the use of Japanese false eyelashes more appropriate. If you want to create a thick curling effect you can try Europe and the United States Department of false eyelashes, this exaggerated false eyelashes are generally suitable for use in the theme party or dinner. False eyelashes how to paste just bought home false eyelash shape is very beautiful, but because the individual eye problems will appear in the false eyelashes do not fit the situation, this time should be appropriate pruning. Many novice MM will doubt how to paste false eyelashes, in fact, false eyelashes can be their own needs and cut, and then paste. In the paste when the edge of the false eyelashes should be coated with a layer of eyelash glue, eye and eye ends at both ends of the false eyelashes should be more with a little glue to prevent the release of the situation. And then along their own eyelashes at the top of the paste false eyelashes, patiently hold the false eyelashes and eye bonding position of about 5 seconds, waiting for glue quickly before the rapid adjustment can be. It is recommended that the false eyelashes now let the color of people to give you MM are introduced several worthy fake eyelashes! First of all, is the Shu Uemura false eyelashes friends, a lot of style Shuodu show series of daily use of the standard 14, the local decoration series has 14, tailored for the dance of luxury models 2, and full of art series up to 15, Can meet all the different requirements of women. At the same time MAC dense false eyelashes 43 #, SEPHORA Sephora false eyelashes, ASTRAEA V. Eyelash new false eyelash No. 1 are a good choice Oh! Above these false eyelashes practical knowledge, you MM are remember it? Choose a suitable for their false eyelashes, so that they become the most BlingBling electric eye girls it!