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False eyelashes are introduced using

- Sep 14, 2017 -


Necessary props 1─ Clip

Tan false eyelashes absolutely indispensable, using the help of clip, false eyelashes sticky more smoothly, quickly.

Necessary props 2─ small scissors

Just bought back the entire row of false eyelashes must be trimmed to meet the length of the eye shape, exquisite small scissors can be accurate pruning, super convenient Oh!



First of all, a bundle of false eyelashes out of the box, placed at the back of the hand to facilitate the sticky fake mascara.

Step2─ the false eyelash gum on the back of the hand, using the clip to clip a single bundle of false eyelashes stained with false mascara. step3─ finally glue the single bundle of false eyelashes glued to the eyelash root. If you want to create a sense of beauty, with a few more false eyelashes at the end of the eye, you can create a big eye like the charm of the shore.

Warm hint

▲ Whisper Tips tips─

After sticking a single bundle of false eyelashes, and then using mascara to comb the true, false eyelashes together, you can create a stunning natural big eyes Oh!!