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- Sep 14, 2017 -

The upper eyelid is affixed with false eyelashes, lashes under eyelashes will be coated, to get up and down the consistent. Or, with the eyeliner pen gently in the lower eyelid to draw a very obvious eyelashes, such as eyelashes shadow. You can also use eyeliner to paint the eyeliner, and then use the hand halo dye.

If you are an operation affixed false eyelashes is difficult to success of the person, also can refer to the beauty material line inside the inexpensive gadget: false EYELASH Helper!

The appearance of the false eyelash assistant, while the length of the false eyelash is in the shape of the inner arc, the other side is the grip of the hand. The design is like the elastic clip, can stabilize the entire false eyelash (with the small clip dangling ~ comparison), let another hand to facilitate the operation of the eyelash glue action, the best is the eyelash helper can be a whole false eyelashes directly on the eyelashes, light pressure can be close to the root of the eyelash position, one-handed force convenient, will not let people scrambling.