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Eyelash Brush Technique

- Sep 14, 2017 -

1, first of all to select a similar to their own eye shape radian or close to the eyelash clip. The eyelash clip aligns with the radian of the eye, so that its radian can fit with the root of the eyelash.

2, eyelash clip heel eyelash, use gentle intensity, the eyelash upward 60 degrees angle lifts. In the clip lashes do not be impatient, also can not force, otherwise will let the effect of the clip out of nature.

3, the next to a little bit of strength, the eyelash up to 90 degrees of angle, and then let the eyelash clip a pull, slowly outward clip to the tail of the eyelash.

4, finally, with one hand to the eye end part of the oblique pull to the eye, so that the eyelashes can be fully exposed, and then use the eyelash clip on this part of the eyelashes to strengthen treatment.

5, the use of spiral eyelash brush on the eyelashes from the line to the next comb, the eyelashes combed smoothly.

6, dip the appropriate amount of mascara, the excess cream, and then from the root of the eyelash to brush up the eyelashes, the successive increase in dosage, so that the initial shape of eyelashes.

7, dip the appropriate amount of mascara, first in the mouth of the mascara to adjust the dosage, and then adopt the method of Z-shaped, from the root of the eyelash, brush up eyelashes, so that eyelashes become abundance.

8, the root of the eyelash to strengthen treatment, brush several times, so that the base of the eyelash more firmly love to create a natural effect like the inner liner, so that the contour of the eye can be naturally prominent. Eyelashes in the eyes of the more sparse position, you can put up mascara, with the tip of the brush.

9, change the brush head on the small, the mascara to remedy the adjustment, left and right brush mascara, so that the lashes can also play the role of Big eyes.

10, the last step, is to check the eyes have been stained with mascara, some words with cotton stick dipped in the appropriate amount of emulsion, the dirty place to wipe it.