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Do you know why the fashion wigs are so expensive?

- Dec 18, 2017 -

In the current mainstream wig market, we can see many brands of various styles and prices, and the expensive ones can be sold to thousands or even tens of thousands, but cheaper ones can start at 100 yuan.

A good wig is displayed not only in the excellent material and fine workmanship, but also from many aspects such as equipment condition, manpower allocation, pruning technology, design and research. Taking advantage of the current trend of wigs fashion, we will take you together to visit the production shop of international famous brand wig, and explore how such a top wig is made.

The precision process explains why the fashion wigs are not simple

The production of a wig takes up to 160 steps, strictly speaking, the production of a normal hair products need 2-3 days to complete, semi handwoven wigs will need 3-4 days, and the whole hand woven product requires a skilled worker takes about 2 weeks to complete.

Material is a part of the difference in the price of the wigs, and the difference in production process is also a decisive factor. In the first step, will not neat wig in order, through the characteristics of a set of equipment will be neatly combed hair. This step is more important in the whole process, and even the very skilled technician takes about ten minutes to finish a set of hair.

The finished hair will be sorted out by two persons who are in charge of weighing. After weighing the whole set of hair and neatly, it will be standardized and weighed. There are very strict requirements for each hairline, and the precision to the standard can highlight the fine arts of international brands.

A hair volume is weighed, carding is completed, will be sent to the fixed mould workshop, by the corresponding to the whole volume of fixed beam technician. During this period, there are strict standards and requirements for hair density, length and weight. Not only when technicians work, but also when they are fixed, they will be inspected by a special person.

Fixed hair style is structured according to different models and different classification, by the responsible person in accordance with the standard production monitoring before entering the next process.