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An analysis of the development trend of the wig industry

- Dec 18, 2017 -

In today's fashion is full of elements of the society, the wig as if those streets and lanes to lead the fashion trend of the new signs. In recent years, the wig industry has been developed rapidly, "head fashion" is also more and more people are recognized and respected.

Wig production in China accounted for 80% of the global market share, wig products are mostly exported to foreign markets, the development of China's domestic wig market has great potential.

According to "2016-2021 China Wig Industry Market Supply and Demand Forecast Depth Research Report" statistics, the United States in 2016 the scale of hair products consumption reached 5 billion US dollars, per capita consumption of hair products 15.75 US dollars, equivalent to 108 yuan, while China's hair products consumption Reached 3.5 billion yuan, 2.55 yuan per capita consumption of hair products, the per capita consumption gap between China and the United States 42.4 times.

Wigs as a new fashion standard, has been popular, in Japan and South Korea and other developed countries in Europe and the United States wig fashion concept has long been formed, and the current domestic young people are more concerned about the concept of fashion.

Fashion consumption in today's clothing is not just in the consumption of fashion, wigs as a new thing is also gradually become familiar and accepted by everyone.

Hair is part of the overall shape of the people in today's diverse apparel, a single hairstyle has been difficult to meet the needs of different styles of clothing. The real hair wig is the emergence of the wig industry respected at a new level, the real hair wig can be said to be "a luxury on his head"; real wig as the production process is more sophisticated, more comfortable to wear, Received the admiration of consumers.


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