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High horse hair eyelashes

Horse lashes give women more confidence in their work and personal life. With natural eyes, no one will notice you wearing false eyelashes.

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High horse hair eyelashes

Quick Details


Hand Made


Horsehair false eyelashes

Place of Origin

Qingdao, China (Mainland)

Model Number







Natural and good shape Eyelash


Natural soft



Natural Black Eyelash

Eyelash material

100% real horsehair false eyelashes

Package included

1 Pairs False Eyelashes



Products Discription

The shape of the eyelashes open upward allows you to immediately look like Barbie upper body, eye length, size, shape has changed, the proportion of facial features will be different.

Product Effects

Our horse fur lashes are carefully designed by our expert technician to offer glamour/luxurious/hot/charming/fashionable look. The lashes are full and lightweight with a unique blend of natural horse fur, and everything is 100% handmade for proper handling. 


In order to make the shape of false eyelashes more fit with the eye, wear more comfortable, remove the false eyelashes, the ends of the false eyelashes twist back and forth, so that the false eyelashes stem more soft.



Just bought a fake eyelashes to be trimmed to fit their eye-shaped more, first of all we have to put the top of the eyelashes false eyelashes contrast, aligning the inner corner of the back 4-5 mm, the end of the eye can be slightly longer, cut Take the extra length.


If you want to eye-end eyelashes more dense, you can cut the entire row of false eyelashes cut short, superimposed on the end of eye paste, so that the tail of the eyelashes more dense.


Our Material


Three reasons for sticking eyelashes are not good

  Myth # 1: Immediately after applying glue on the false eyelashes Apply immediately after the glue false eyelashes false eyelashes easily lead to fall, and may even lead to glue their own eyelashes. So be sure to wait patiently for a while after applying glue and wait until the glue starts to be transparent before you can begin to post it. Myth # 2: After the lashes have not been used to use the tool to adjust After affixing false eyelashes must take advantage of plastic has not completely coagulated quickly tweezers with a small position adjustment, while using tweezers to firmly press the lashes at the eyelid. Misunderstanding 3: first draw eye shadow and then paste some false eyelashes Some MM like to draw eye shadow and then paste false eyelashes, in fact, is not good, if the first eye shadow paste false eyelashes then false eyelashes will stick too firm. Tips: Under the eyelashes there are many natural and realistic style, single cluster or partial under the eyelashes, you can also confused it really.



Q1:Could you send me all your catalogues and price lists? 

A:As we have many items,please inform us the items,size and packages you interested in, so that 

we are capable to offer the price lists to you for your reference .  

Q2:Could you send me some samples? 

A:Of course we're capable to send you some free samples for your evaluation by air for speed increases.But we're afraid you should pay the fare. 

Q3:What's your Delivery Time?

A:In general, the delivery time is within 7 days after payment.We will make the delivery as soon

as possible with the guaranted quality.  

Q4:What is the convenient way to pay?

A:Paypal and western union are all be accepted,and if you have a better idea , please feel free

to share with us. 

Q5:Which type of shipping would be better? 

A:Generally,in consideration of the convenience and safe superiorities of sea transportation,we advice to make delivery by air.What's more, we respect your views of other transportation as well.