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100% Handmade Horse Hair Lashes

Eyelash is a must-have for all the beauty of a woman, it allows women to improve confidence and personal beauty in life and work, with eyelashes woman, radiant, vivid and moving, will become the focus of people.

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Quick Details


Hand Made


Horsehair false eyelashes

Place of Origin

Qingdao, China (Mainland)

Model Number







Natural and good shape Eyelash


Natural soft



Natural Black Eyelash

Eyelash material

100% real horsehair false eyelashes

Package included

1 Pairs False Eyelashes



Products Discription

Horse hair eyelash material Sophisticated style, modeling weaving eyelashes became a stunning symbol of false eyelashes.

Product Effects

Horse hair eyelash realistic nude makeup, like a native, interpretation of natural, realistic nude makeup effect.


Hand-woven process reflects



Soft slender horse hair material, the hand is a great challenge.


100% natural horse fur is free from any chemical processing and dye which allows for an extremely soft, light weight, and natural look.


Our Material


How to Apply

Step 1:

Single eyelid or small double more suitable for short natural false eyelashes.

Step 2: 

In addition to the upper and lower eyeliner, under the eyelashes is also a tool to change the eye type.


Teach you how to clean the false eyelashes

Soaked with liquid eyes soaked cotton swab, to be soaked with a very moist.

Gently wipe the roots of eyelashes.

Clean up eye shadow and residual eye liner and eyelash glue, gently press with your finger about 30 seconds later removed very clean.

Remove the false eyelashes, false eyelashes are glue.

Fold the cotton pad, wide and narrow side.


The cut cotton pad soaked eye unloading.

False eyelashes on the wide half of the film, of course, to stay outside the hair slightly outside, not the whole piece of false eyelashes all over, remember, otherwise it may take shape.

Cover the narrow piece, as much as possible only apply root.

Gently compact the root with your fingers to allow the liquid to infiltrate the roots as much as possible.

Curved cotton sheets, you can stand Oh pro, so both pressed firmly, but also to maintain the curvature of the eyelashes, on the table just fine.

The next thing to do is the matter after the second day.

After 24 hours, gently open the cotton piece.

Gently pinch his right hand holding his left hand nails a little dig out the root of the glue, it will be very easy to separate.

After separation, lashes root clean, leaving two glue in the cotton, get it ~