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Hand Made Human Hair False Eyelashes

Product description and impact
High quality eyelash extensions, lash extensions, individual flare eyelashes wholesale
NO 1: Light weigth cotton band

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Hand Made


Human hair false eyelashes

Place of Origin

Qingdao, China (Mainland)

Model Number



Natural and good shape Eyelash


Natural Soft Eyelash


Natural Black Eyelash

Eyelash material

100% human hair false eyelashes

Package included

1 Pairs False Eyelashes



Product description and impact

High quality  eyelash extensions, lash extensions, individual flare eyelashes wholesale

NO 1: Light weigth cotton band

NO 2 :100% human hair false eyelashes 

NO 3 :Up to 25 uses with proper care 

NO 4 :Many different styles to choose

NO 5 :Custom packaging is available


False eyelashes real hair wholesale real sales fake eyelashes section models


Eyelashes can be repeatedly used, the average cost of using a lower, more durable than the average false eyelashes, not easily deformed.


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Our Material


How to Apply

Eyelashes when the angle is very important to take a little eyelashes Yang up some, greater than 45 degrees eyelashes, so as to be more attached to the roots of the eyelashes eyelids! And hands up to lift some will not block the eyes. You can clearly see the roots of their own eyelashes, so as to accurately look good stick! The first few lashes are posted because this step is not done, it is difficult to get attached to the eyelashes roots or eye end so do not paste the results. If you use tweezers clip is the same to pay attention to the point of false eyelashes is up Yang posted Oh ~ ~ ~


Removal and care

• Hold lashes on outer edge and gently peel off

Remove lashes before sleeping,If these lashes are cared for and stored well, they can be used again and again.

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1. Your products, many of their own brand, can not bring the trademark?

A: For eyelash products, you can buy our neutral packaging materials, replace the packaging.

Is your product cheaper?

A: All of our product prices are calculated using the formula, to maintain the basic balance of the profit rate, there is no profiteering products, not bargaining. In addition to looking at the price, but also depends on the quality.