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Newest False Eyelashes Silk Fiber False Eyelash

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Soft light is not garish, fatigue, eyelashes soft as silk, imported fiber, reusable

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Wholesale False Eyelashes Chemical Fiber False Eyelash Hot Sale Eyelash Extension 

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wholesale false eyelashes

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chemical fiber


beauty care false eyelash extension


20pcs false eyelash

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25 Work Days

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Soft light is not garish, fatigue, eyelashes soft as silk, imported fiber, reusable

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You usually have to carefully observe, the eyelash growth is not at the same level of Oh, the true eyelash is hierarchical three-dimensional growth Oh, they will focus on 2-4 layer growth under the eyelids Oh, it can not only protect the eyes of multiple levels, but also to modify my eyes effect!


Wear naturally lifelike


Wholesale False Eyelashes  Chemical Fiber False Eyelash Hot Sale Eyelash Extension


A silky light, like a birthright


True effect map

Thanks to Alice for the photos


Do you want to get more different chemical fake eyelashes?

no problem! There are a variety of styles to choose from. 

2.jpg Frequently Asked Questions [General]:

Q1. What is the material of eyelashes?

The main raw material is mink hair, synthetic hair, ...

Q2. Are you customizing eyelash orders based on design?

Yes, we can develop your unique eyelashes based on your design.

Q3. What is the price range of each pair of eyelashes?

Please contact us according to the specific style.

Q4. Do you provide samples?

Yes, we have. Sample orders are acceptable.

Q5. How much is my shipping cost?

A: Shipping depends on your order's weight and quantity, shipping method and final destination.

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