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Natural Lash Extensions with Synthetic Silk Eyelash

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3D stereo technology, imitation of genuine and false eyelashes handmade, so that your eyes bright and moving, showing charm!

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3D false eyelashes thick natural nude make-up chemical fiber import stereo simulation Bobbi curl eyelashes models

Product name

wholesale false eyelashes

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chemical fiber


beauty care false eyelash extension


20pcs false eyelash

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25 Work Days


Quick Details                       

3D stereo technology, imitation of genuine and false eyelashes handmade, so that your eyes bright and moving, showing charm!


Product Effects

Pure hand made eyelashes. Natural, exquisite, winking......

A works of art...... A life style...... Live love jiaqi lash!


Natural warping


Dense and realistic, fused with real lashes


Sturdy and durable


Not easily deformed


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The effect of false eyelashes 

Keep your eyes open

First of all, false eyelashes to choose their own eye type, in order to successfully increase the eyes. Choose the easiest way to determine the length of false eyelashes according to the width of your eyelid, that is to say, the wider the eyelids, eyelashes can be longer, so as to achieve that increase eyelid vision, thereby increasing the eye tension effect.

Tips: single eyelid or small double, more suitable for partial short natural false eyelashes.

Change of eye shape

And eye liner a truth, choose the stem is black cotton false eyelashes, have elongated eyes role, and then cooperate with the upper and lower eye liner painted, let eyelash, eye liner is integrated, with the genuine, correct the imperfect eye shape. And false eyelashes can cover up the shadows and shadows of the upper eyelid, and enhance the stereo vision of the eye.

Tips: apart from the upper and lower eye liner, the lower eyelashes also change the eye shaped tool.


Removal and care


•Hold lashes on outer edge and gently peel off

Remove lashes before sleeping